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How to Win Poker Online

How to Win Poker Online in 7 Easy Steps

Everyone can be a very great player with a bit of training as well as practice. You can also be one of the best players online. In today’s article, we would love to teach you a bit about poker. You can learn how to win poker online without much hassle today!

There are many types of poker games. And to simply summarize it to you, we are going to focus on texas hold em poker. This is because texas hold em poker is the best kind of poker there is out there.

There are other types of poker such as razz, omaha, five card stud and etc. All of of which still has a lot of similarity from its combinations of cards.

We will tell you all about it in another article. But today, our sole focus is how to win poker online without much hassle.

What is Texas Hold Em Poker?

Texas hold em poker is the type of poker game that is most often played and found throughout online poker gambling sites. For those of you who are beginners in the world of poker gambling, this is a game that is suitable for you to try.

If you are not good at playing texas hold em poker, don’t worry, because this one game is very easy to play.

Texas hold em poker game uses a dealer to deal all the cards to the players. And this one game can play up to 8 people. Each player will be dealt 2 cards by the designated dealer.

The card will be closed and cannot be seen by other players. Only you can see your 2 cards. Likewise for 2 other people’s cards.

After the dealer deals 2 cards, the dealer will also deal 3 cards in the middle of the table.

These three cards are called community cards and community cards can be used by all card players at the table. In addition, you can also bet the stakes that continue to grow. If you want to bluff your opponent, just choose the all in option and this is an exciting feature in Texas Hold Em online poker gambling.

How to Play Online Poker to Win Lots

… in the game you will encounter the term poker a lot. So, you have to really understand some terms in order to follow the rules and the right way.

Players will be given around 2 cards depending on the type of poker gambling game you are playing. An example is an online poker gambling game such as texas hold em poker that will use 2 cards.

Then there is also an online card gambling game that will use 3 cards or 4 cards depending on the type.

Let’s just say we are using the game of poker with 2 personal cards and also 5 cards from the community cards. Of all the 7 cards, each player must compete to make the best and best card combination.

This card combination will be explained further in the next section. Each round the player can choose to make several moves.

The options that players can use are raise, check, call, and also fold. Each choice has a different purpose. An example is like the raise. If you choose to raise, then you can add the bet as you wish.

After that, players can also choose to check if you don’t want to increase the bet but want to continue playing. The next option is call. The calls are very similar to the raising options.

To call, players must follow the other player’s bet amount. So if one player chooses to increase the Rp. 100 thousand bet, then you can choose to call to add the bet. This is very important to know because if not, then your money will be drained.

The next option is to fold. Maybe you are no longer able to fight cards and raise the bet, you can choose to fold and give up. This must be used to avoid even more losses.

Card Combinations in Online Poker Gambling Games

The poker gambling game has various interesting card combinations. The card that has the lowest value in poker betting is number two. And the card that has the highest value is an ace card. After understanding card levels, players can then learn the card combinations that are in online poker gambling.

Simply put, every poker gambling has the lowest and also the highest card combination. The lowest combination is a single card or called the singles. Examples are like queen, king, 6, 8, and others.

There is also a card combination called doubles, which is a combination of cards that are paired.

Examples of this one combination are like king king, queen queen and so on. Just memorize this card combination because you will definitely need it. That’s all for today’s article and hopefully you are helped.

What is Bluffing?

Bluffing is the ability to cover the authenticity of the cards you have. Bluffing can be done at the end or the middle part of a match. When you want to do bluffing techniques, a bettor must pretend and play casually.

Then, you can slowly increase the stakes. At the end of a round or texas hold em poker gambling game, the desired result is that you can trick other players. Other players must assume that the cards in your hand are very large in number.

So that other people choose to back off. When this happens, bettors can immediately bet aggressively on online poker. Psychologically, you really need to know when When Should You Go All-in.

Bluffing for underestimating the cards

At online poker, professional poker players usually divide bluffing into two applications. The first application is to make your big card look as if your card is not that good.

An example is you have a full house card, but you want to assume that you don’t have a good hand. The best way to do this lure is to play it safe. In the first 2 rounds, play it safe until all the cards on the community cards are open.

Other bettors at online poker will think that the cards in your hand are not that good. So that you don’t dare to raise or raise the bet.

At the right moment, increase your bet so that the other players don’t want to back down. This is the best moment to use bluffing. Then beat other players to win texas hold em poker gambling.

I recommend you to read our specific article this one: How to Bluff in Poker Game, 3 Types to Know for beginners

Bluffing To Increase Card Value

There are also ways to increase the value of your card. Say that you have a really bad card in a specific round. But in this case, you could already choose to surrender.

But instead, you want to beat others by bluffing them. The only way to do this is if you overvalue your own set of cards. This is important to increase the awareness of other players. So that they are scared to bet against you.

And with this application, then the bluffing is slightly different than the one before..

The second bluffing application is to make other players fear our cards. From the start, we can play aggressively. Playing aggressively makes other players worry about doing card duels with you.

Because if they think twice about choice, there’s a good chance that they’ll choose fold.

When the bettor can get other players to fold, that’s when your bluffing technique has been successful. Don’t play too aggressively but it can still frighten your opponent when they want to place bets on online poker.

Single IDN Poker Card

The first card type in the lowest tier is single. A single card is only one card that is not combined with other cards. If friends get this card combination, it is better if you think of a good strategy.

A single card is usually a card that is not very good for placing a bet. If a bettor gets this type of card, then you just fold. Choosing to fold at the bottom of the combination in the IDN Poker world will save money for the next round.


Pair is a pair of cards that occupy the second tier. This pair is called the second tier because it can beat other players. Especially if you get a pair with picture cards, this should be able to beat ordinary cards like singles. Pay attention to the level of the paired cards your friends have before placing your bet.

Straight and Flush

Now we will enter the card combination or upper papas level. This straight and flush is included in the upper level category because the possibility of getting it is also a little more difficult than the combination again.

To get a straight, the bettor must collect 5 cards of consecutive value. Examples are cards 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

All cards must be in sequence and no cards are allowed to be skipped. With this combination at IDN Poker, you can already win most of the rounds in poker.


Knowing all of these information can make you such a better poker player. Come and join to try poker online. We hope you can now understand how to win poker online without much hassle.