Is NetEnt Rigged? 5 Best Answer to Help You

IIf you have been experiencing a string of losses at Netent slots, such as Gold’s Gold you would be forgiven to question if is NetEnt rigged these online casino games.

Before you find out about that developer’s games, you should read the information below to make sure it is reliable. 

The RNG Concept

When you press “spin,” the RNG, or Random Number Generator, comes into play. The computer generates a random number, which is then translated to the spinning wheel’s final resting position. You can see Ceramics Ecuador to realize that not even the computer can predict where the wheel will land.

  • A random number is generated by the computer
  • The position of the wheel after it has spun is determined by the random number

This means that the outcomes of your spins are entirely random. To land matching combinations or winning symbols, you’ll need a lot of luck. To get free spins or to get wilds and symbols that pay out, you’ll still need luck. Essentially, slots are similar to any other online casino game.

The NetEnt’s Reputation

It’s highly unlikely that Netent would consider rigging its slots in order to maintain its good name. 

The online casino market is fiercely competitive, and Netent is struggling to keep up with Microgaming. It’s possible that Netent is working until the dead of the night to improve their games in order to stay competitive.

In addition, every country has gambling regulatory bodies that inspect casinos on a regular basis for fairness. If Netent went to such lengths to rig its slot, it would only be a matter of time before a scandal broke out. And if that happens, the company will lose market share that it has worked so hard to gain.

Playing NetEnt Games Responsibly

If you use Netent slots in a responsible manner. You’d never have to be concerned about their rigging. 

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Anyone should understand that online casino games are games of chance, and that the odds of winning and losing are never mathematical – they are never 50-50, as you might believe. Just remember to play responsibly when you’re gaming.

Playing Netent slots for free is one way to avoid a string of losses. You can download a demo or even a full version of the game to play offline. Start by placing small bets that you can afford to lose if you have to play for real money. Don’t put your family’s savings on the line.

Online Slots Aren’t a Quick Way to Riches

Most people gamble with the expectation of winning big and becoming rich and powerful in a flash. 

This is the most serious error you can make. Though there have been reports of people becoming millionaires overnight after winning the lottery, such instances are extremely uncommon. Consider making a hobby out of playing Netent slots.

  • Slot machines are not a quick way to get rich
  • Playing slots as a pastime is a fun way to pass the time

To be safe, treat those jackpot stories as fairy tales. The harsh reality is that you may never win the lottery in your entire life. 

As a result, risking a significant portion of your income or savings in the hopes of winning big once and for all is not a good idea. People who lose frequently point the finger at the casino.

Then, Is NetEnt Rigged?

For people who ask is NetEnt rigged, although you may have wondered why you, or any other player you may have experienced, loses more than you win, Netent’s slots are not rigged. After all, thanks to the concept of RTP, the casino earns a small percentage of every bet you place, even if you win.

To avoid heartbreak, you’ll need to learn to play online casino games responsibly, including Netent slots. If you want to have a good time, just play them for free. If you want to have some fun, bet small amounts and don’t play for long periods of time. Can’t possibly rig its slots, given the stakes.


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