The PEZ MP3 player comes pre-loaded with all kinds of cool indie music. But don’t worry, if your taste is a bit different, you don’t have to keep them.

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“But, Pat,” you say. “How can I get my own music to put on my PEZ MP3 player?”

Let me count the ways.1) You can convert your CD collection to MP3 files.

There are all kinds of different software programs to do this (many of them free.) Go to Google. Try terms like cd ripper cd ripping convert CD audio mp3. If you are brand new to this whole idea, try something more basic like how-to convert audio CD or tutorial audio cd mp3.

If it is beyond your skill to do it yourself, there are services that will do it for you, for a fee. Once again, head to Google and search for CD conversion service or CD ripping service.2) You can find all kinds of free music and programming online, LEGALLY.

This is my favorite method. One because I am a cheapskate and two because I like to discover new stuff.

A lot of artists have realized that giving away some of their music is a good business decision. There are all kinds of ways of finding it (which is a good thing and a bad thing.)

A good place to start is music blogs. You can start by searching for music blogs at Technorati.

Another source of free audio is podcasting. Don’t know podcasting? Head over to Wikipedia and read up. My favorite podcasts are CovervilleETC Podcast, and Jawbone.

There are also sites like GaragebandMy and a whole bunch of others where up and coming bands (and some established bands) make their music available for you to try. Google “music downloads” to find more.3) Buy digital music. You can buy your music from an online music store.

For music in mp3 format you can try. Audiolunchbox or emusic

For music in a protected format WMA w/DRM (Windows Media Audio with Digital Rights Protection) you can try places like Walmart and Napster. Just realize that this music has some usage limitations. I’m no fan of DRM. It punishes the honest guy and does nothing to stop the dishonest guy. But it is a reality, for now. So if you want to buy digital music from the major labels you are probably going to run into DRM. But don’t try to buy from the iTunes Music Store for use on the PEZ MP3 player. Apple encodes music in the iTunes Music Store in a proprietary format that they do not license to other hardware vendors.



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