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Types of Online Poker Games

Types of Online Poker Games & Important Things to Know

Stop playing the same type of poker again and again. Playing 1 type of poker can be very draining as well as exhausting. This is why we are going to give you an alternative on all of the games that you can play. Some of these types of online poker games has been an all time favorite.

Types of Online Poker Games

There are classic games such as texas hold em poker and even chinese poker that we will be discussing. Be sure that you stick around to read all about it with us today.

1.Texas Hold Em Poker Gambling

The first type of poker that was present at online poker site was known as Texas Hold Em. This game was first designed by a large casino casino in America. The gameplay is also very fast, flexible, but still complex.

So that this one game you can most often find on online gambling sites and even major international tournament tournaments.

If you see online matches such as the WSOP or World Series of Poker, you will often find a variant called Texas hold em poker.

The way to play Texas Hold Em Poker is also simple. You must understand the basic basics of playing online poker gambling first. Then receive 2 cards from the dealer.

Your task is to combine or match 2 cards with 5 cards that will be given to your you. In total, you will issue a bet with a new nominal each round. This can be done gradually and you don’t have to be fast to get your large balance out.

Then just press fold if you want to close your card in Texas Hold Em Poker. Texas hold em poker is very flexible for bettors to choose from.

2. Video Poker

These are the next Types of Online Poker Games. Furthermore, the most favorite poker game on online poker site is video poker.

Video poker is an online poker gambling that is played between a bettor and a machine. An example is that you will be playing against bots that are official from our online gambling site.

But in video poker, the challenge is that you have to beat the robot which is sometimes difficult to predict. Despite this, video poker players still have their own patterns. You can play video poker gambling 24 hours and whenever you want.

Enough with a nominal balance of IDR 20 thousand, players can enjoy online video poker gambling. This is a very suitable game to try so you can practice first before plunging into the real world of online poker gambling.

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3. Chinese Poker Poker Gambling

The last game on the online poker site gambling site is chinese poker. Chinese poker is a derivative of the Chinese poker game.

This game has unique rules which can only be played by 4 people. Then each player gets more cards, which are 13 cards in total. Players who can spend their cards first can become winners at chinese poker poker.

What is different from chinese poker with other games is that chinese poker only needs to place a bet once. You can play all these games on online poker site.

Poker Combinations You Must Know

In the Texas Hold Em Poker gambling game, card combinations are the key to winning. Without a good combination, the players will continue to lose. The card with the best and highest combination will always win in this game.

Maybe you are asking, what is an example of a good Texas Hold Em Poker card combination? Well, we will start by discussing the lowest card combination first.

1. Singles Card Combination

The lowest combination in texas hold em poker gambling is single cards or singles. An example is a card with a value of 2. If you put this card alone, then you will lose to the other players.

The second level is a pair, namely a pair. Some examples are like 2 2, 3 3, and others. Next, there are also three pairs or 3 cards that are obtained simultaneously. Today, we will learn all about it and you can even be a better player after this!

2. Straight and Flush in Online Poker

Then a straight sequence followed by a flush combination. Flush is a combination that is a little more difficult and you will be very lucky if you do. To get a flush, a bettor must collect 5 cards with all the same symbols.

This order doesn’t care about the value of the cards at all. So just make sure you have 5 cards with exactly the same symbols. An example is like 5 cards with the same diamond symbol or spades.

3. Full House and Four of a Kind

The following is the last card sequence at IDN Poker gambling. To get a full house combination, the bettor must collect 3 cards of exactly the same value and a pair of cards.

So that the total cards you can get is 5 cards. Full house can guarantee your victory if there are no other opponents. With this, we highly recommend bettor bettors to bet a lot.

Don’t be responsible in placing your bets on the IDN Poker gambling site to get a lot of profit.

On the other hand, the last highest combination is four of a kind. This combination combines 4 cards of all the same suit but different symbols. This is very difficult to get but is also the last card combination on the IDN Poker list.

4. Straight Flush and Royal Flush

The last best combination in this article is straight flush and royal flush. Straight flush and royal flush are very similar and they are basically the same thing. The only difference is that straight flush is made using the two combination of straight and flush altogether.

Both of these combinations combine would make a very overpowered hand. In order to do this, you need to get all cards that are stacked with the same value going up. This has to be its numerical value as well as its symbol.

So for example, a good straight flush would be all hearts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Any number can be used as long as it is not skipped at all.


Understanding the types of online poker games will help you to choose the most suitable. You have to be proficient for either one. The next important thing, maybe you need to learn how to win playing. And practice to improve your skills.