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What Are Best Slots to Play Online for Real Money? Here are The Answers

What Are Best Slots to Play Online for Real Money? Here are The Answers

Best Slots to Play Online – Today there are so many situs judi slot that offer online slot games as one of their services. If you check some gambling sites, you will find there are more than one online slot games generally provided on one gambling site.

Even in the end, all of them offer the same gameplay, but they are not really the same. There are some factors that make some online slot games more promising than others. The big question is:

What are the best slots to play online?

And how do you find them?

In this post, I will explain about the best slots to play online and how to identify them. Are you curious about this topic? If you are, here is an explanation that you can check.

What Are Best Slots to Play Online for Real Money? Here are The Answers
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What Are Best Slots to Play Online?

Based on information that I collect from many professional gambling blogs, I find that there are 3 factors that you can use to identify best slots to play. Those factors are;

Return to Players (RTP)

If I have to explain in simple words, Return to Players (RTP) is exactly like the rate that describes the potency of players beating a slot online game. The higher the RTP value, the easier the online slot is to be defeated.

But, what is the value of RTP to be categorized to be a high one?

Many professional gamblers say that the RTP value that can be categorized to be high one is 96% or above.


Next factor that is also a factor that can be used to identify the best slot online game to play is volatility. For those of you that never have not heard this term. Volatility is a term that describes the amount of money or rewards paid by online slot games.

Online slot games with low volatility generally just pay small payout and jackpots, but the thing that not many beginners know is online slots with low volatility are easier to be defeated.

Betting Range

Every online slot game has a different betting range. But most online slot games I find only offer 0.2$ to maximum 100$ as their betting range. Best online slot games usually offer a small betting range to their players, so they can play with only small bets.

Quick Tips to Play Online Slots

To complete this post, I also will give you some quick tips that you can use to increase your chance to win big on online slot games. Those quick tips are:

  • Claim Bonuses Offered – claim every bonus offered to you. You can use these bonuses as funds to play online slot games.
  • Apply Stop Loss Strategy – Make 10% of your bankroll as your limit of playing online slot games on one gaming session.
  • Stop When You Win  – When you have won on an online slot game, it will be good for you to stop playing or moving to other online slot games.

Final Thought

Based on what I explained above about the best slots to play online. It can be told than best online slots are online slots with:

  • High Return to Player (RTP)
  • Low Volatility
  • Small Betting Range

I hope my post will help you to find the best online slot to play and win more money. Thank you for reading my post and see you later. / Dy

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