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What are the Rules of Playing Casino Roulette

What are the Rules of Playing Casino Roulette

Rules of Playing Casino Roulette – When you hear the word roulette, what comes to mind is a type of game that you can only find in luxury gambling houses. Therefore, it seems very unlikely that a player from Indonesia will be able to play. But now anyone can play roulette from home. What are the rules for playing casino roulette? Here is the full explanation.

Now many sites offer online roulette games. Playing roulette on this agen judi togel site will be able to give you the opportunity to gain many times over.

What are the Rules of Playing Casino Roulette

What are the Rules of Playing Casino Roulette
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This online casino roulette game uses a table media that has a number written on it and has been painted with a combination of red and black. At the bottom of the table has been provided with gears and wheels so that it can be rotated. Then another medium used is a small white ball.

How to play roulette on this online casino site is easy. The table will be turned by the dealer. Then a ball will roll on the rotating table. Determination of a player’s win is based on the position where the ball will stop in what number and color box. Or in other words, the numbers and colors that you have previously selected when making a bet will determine your victory.

Therefore it is important to know the types of bets in this online casino roulette gambling. It can be said that the basic bet for this game is to guess numbers from 0 to 36. Furthermore, there are several other betting variations such as guessing the red black box the ball will stop, guessing odd even numbers, guessing big and small numbers, where the small number is 1 – 18 and big numbers from 19 – 36.

Roulette Betting Winning Strategy

There are several strategies that can be used. First, please see how the history of the numbers that go through the screen of the playing device used. You will use this history as a reference in guessing the next number that will penetrate. That’s because it often happens that the ball will stop at some of the same numbers before moving on to other numbers.

The second strategy that will be explained is the most commonly used by pro players. The trick is that they use the Martingale playing technique. Martingale technique is defined as doubling the bet. Therefore you need a large enough capital to use the martingale technique.

The way to apply this martingale technique is to choose a two-sided betting option first. For example, big and small bets. While playing you only use one option. For example, bet on big bets. Even if you don’t break through, you still place a bet on that option until you win.

However, the way you must increase the value of the bet on each round. After winning just return to the basic bet. So you do it continuously until you get a profit. / Dy

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