What is Slot Volatility? 3 Important Things for Beginners Before Playing

There is such a thing as volatility in gambling. However, what is slot volatility? Well, you must comprehend this term before you play the slot games. 

Understanding it means that you want to improve the game. Then, read on this article because we will provide you with details. 

What is Slot Volatility Actually?

it is frequently mixed up with other gambling terms, such as variance. Let’s take a closer look at how to calculate slot machine volatility.

In addition, volatility refers to the level of risk involved in a game. The term is used to tell players how often and how much money they can expect to win. Volatility can be divided into three categories.

High, Medium, and Low Volatility

High-volatility slots are thought to be more risky to play. This means that they rarely award winning combinations, but they frequently award large payouts. Such slots are typically preferred by those with enough time, patience, and a large enough bankroll to keep spinning even if they don’t win big.

Medium volatility slots have an average level of risk and are popular among gamblers because they are a good middle ground between high and low volatility games. Medium-volatility slots are ideal for those who don’t want to risk too much of their bankroll but still want to win big.

Low volatility slots are differentiated by a high number of small saving wins throughout the game. That is to say, these games are relatively risk-free. They’re ideal for players who don’t want to spend a lot of money but want to get frequent, small or mid-sized payouts.

How to Figure Out The Volatility in Slot Machine?

As can be seen, the level of risk has a significant impact on the frequency and size of payouts. Typically, online slot developers include this information in the game description. Players, on the other hand, can freely determine a slot machine’s volatility.

When it comes to online gambling, there are specific figures that can be used to estimate and categorize slot machines. 

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If the payout ratio is greater than x10,000, the slot machine is considered high volatility. The machine is considered medium volatility if the rate varies between x5000 and x10,000. Volatility is low – less than x5000.

There are three main methods for determining slot machine variation

1. The Payout

To study the payout rates of each individual slot The game rules, as well as this information, are available to the public.

2. To Play The Game

To take part in the game Online gaming machine developers now allow gamblers to play free demo games. As a result, the user can see the frequency and amount of payments and decide whether or not they are appropriate for him or her.

3. The Experience

To look on the internet for various reviews and forums On some forums, for example, players frequently share their experiences as well as information about volatility.

The players should then act in accordance with their desires and capabilities: choose high volatility slots if you want to play for as long as possible and are willing to lose some money. If you don’t have a large bankroll and don’t need big wins to have fun, try low volatility slots.

Then, you already know what is slot volatility. The frequency and size of payouts won by players are determined by volatility. Today, online casino software developers create slots with varying levels of volatility to cater to the needs of each player. 

There are so many online slots with different volatility levels you can play as Gonzo’s Gold, Rhino etc.

Hopefully, you will get big luck after understanding this information about volatility. 


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